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​​​​A documentary on the legendary Tunnel nightclub of NYC.


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The Hip-Hop Nucleus.  Produced by Arthur D. Alston.  Directed by Choke No Joke

The Hip-Hop Nucleus is a documentary on the world famous Tunnel Nightclub of New York City.     The Tunnel was the club most people feared to enter due to the constant violence, sex and drugs. The Tunnel opened in early 1987 by Peter Gatien and Denis Werner. In 1994 Jessica Rosenblum and Chris Lighty began promoting Hip-Hop parties on Sunday’s for their company Stress Entertainment.  Sunday nights were legendary at the Tunnel and it became a Hip-Hop Nucleus as it birthed a lot of today’s multi platinum artist who went on to become Grammy winners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and even moguls.  Artist such as Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, Sean “Diddy” Combs,  Jermaine Dupri,  Andre “Dr. Dre” Smith, Snoop Dogg and DJ Funkmaster Flex to name a few.  One of the Tunnel past bouncers was Vin Diesel.  Arthur D. Alston was a Videographer/Producer for began documenting the Sunday Hip-Hop night at the Tunnel  and captured what would become the best night in NYC Hip-Hop history for the next 7 years.  The Hip-Hop Nucleus is a historical nostalgic documentary that takes you back to the Golden Era of Hip-Hop.  It’s a educational experience on Hip-Hop history that will make you feel like you were actually at The Tunnel.


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